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The first 100 Tiffin service providers that apply above and are listed on the website will NEVER pay a single $ for being listed. 

Once we reach 100 listings, we will introduce a paid subscription system for any additional tiffin service providers. 

As of this writing (Dec 2022) we have around 15 Tiffin service providers in the Vancouver area in our FB group (link below). 

Adding your tiffin service to the website is OPTIONAL. It is NOT required for you to participate in the FB group.
If you prefer NOT to be listed on the website, but still want to get customers, you can share your offer as a regular FB post in this group.
After sharing, your information will be shown on this website.
All applications are manually approved. 
Every tiffin provider that fills out the application form and is approved will be listed on this website under the appropriate city. 
Afterwards, their new listing will also be shared in the FB group as well!

Still have questions? Reach out to the admin of the FB group