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Bamon’s Kitchen is a fully vegetarian virtual kitchen located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We offer Tiffin and Catering services. Our Tiffin service comes in several different affordable packages to suit your meal requirements. We provide a rotating menu with different freshly cooked healthy veg. meals daily, that are also available in Vegan & Jain/Sattvic options.

Chef Bamon has over 20 years of culinary learning and expertise, spread out over several countries. He has served and been instrumental in the growth and development of various restaurants across India, Kenya and also in West Virginia, USA, cooking for as many as 1000 people at a time.

​Although he is very experimental and often creates spontaneous dishes that are an instant hit, he specializes in Indian cuisine. He has a deep understanding of food textures, spices, their various flavors and aromas – all of which creates for a tantalizing culinary experience.

Very frequently, all it takes is for Chef Bamon to be given the name of a dish/a menu and he returns with dishes and tastes that surpass expectations.

As a full-time working father of two, he understands the importance of having healthy and nutritious meals, that are affordable, on the go when time is often limited. With this in mind, it has become his passion to create a tiffin service that provides exactly that to the hard working local Indian community.

phone: 236-862-7971

Type of Cuisine? Indian - Gujurati, Indian - Jain, Indian - Punjabi

Free Tiffin Service Delivery to: Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, UBC. Other areas – coming soon with delivery charges.

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